Series that are currently trending

Get to know the series that are currently trending; especially with the implementation of new technologies, easy access to streaming and many other innovations, thanks to which the audience has the cinema instantly with just a few clicks.

Series that are currently trending

There are series adapted for all kinds of audiences, some of them accessible on television and others within the versatile digital platform.

One of the best series of 2022 has been The Peacemaker, broadcast on HBO Max, based on a spin-off of the suicide squad, the work of prominent James Gunn. Despite the fact that it has only eight chapters, it has surpassed The Witcher series on the popular Netflix platform.

As there are many series that are currently trending or are emerging as candidates to hook movie fans; so we select the most anticipated of 2023, take note and put them on your calendar:

  • The Last of Us, an adaptation of a successful PlayStation video game, which is gaining the preference of many fans, closely follows the experiences of Joel and Ellie, survivors of a pandemic that generates mutations in human beings.
  • Marvel, with its new galactic visions and the return of defenders who have been the heroes of adults and children.
  • Los Bridgertons and Succession, with their new seasons that will allow the audience to count on a seraphile avalanche; which they undoubtedly receive with open arms. It is a series set in high society in London during the 19th century.
  • Cowboy from Copenhagen, with a return to the series by Nicolas Winding Refn; as a heroine infiltrated in the criminal underworld of the city of Copenhagen.
  • Welcome to Chippendales, a story that follows the origin of Steve Banerjee, who founds a stripper company.
  • Season 2 of Hunters, a famous series broadcast on Amazon Prime Video; which apparently will be the last, so you should prepare for these last eight episodes if you closely follow the history of this group of Nazi hunters.
  • Season 4 of You, where it is expected to find out what has happened with Joe and what the future holds for him. As a clue we anticipate that he will go to Paris and there he will continue to escape from new bloody messes; because of being a person who confuses love with obsession, which leads to dire consequences.
  • Season 3 The Madalorian, the favorite character of Star Wars fans; Although their synopsis has not been officially released, however, the return of Din Djarin and Grogu is expected, accompanied by many episodes within which you will enjoy different worlds of the galaxy.
  • Season 2 of Perrry Mason, a series based on the most famous defense lawyer on US TV, starring this time by Erle Stanley Gardner.
  • Season 2 of Shadow and Bone, a fantastic adventure based on the adaptation of the homonymous novel; within which the story of an orphan cartographer who discovers her magical powers is followed, with which she is capable of changing everything.
  • Season 4 Succession, one of the best series of the moment whose outcome is anxiously awaited by its fans, in order to follow the Roy family, after the plans of the heirs of the formidable Waystar Royco empire are disrupted.

As can be seen, not only are the series currently being a trend, but the number of its seasons is increasing every time; precisely because of the acceptance they have within the audience.

Let’s be clear, who doesn’t like a good movie and if it multiplies through a series of them, even better; for the banquet will be longer.

Without a doubt, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney Plus have changed the way of entertainment for families around the world and much of the interest of people is maintained by series like the ones mentioned in this post.

Film directors who have stood out for their talent

Get to know some of the best film directors who have stood out for their talent among many others; with film productions that have impacted the public and have managed to leave them with a rewarding feeling that keeps them hooked on all their films.

Importance of a film director

Film directors are professionals in charge of producing a film; who monitors, analyzes and approves the scripts or establishes guidelines for their audiovisual production.

In a few words, he is in charge of making sure that everything goes well and as scheduled during filming, he guides the actors, establishes where the cameras should be placed, the number of scene shots necessary, type of costumes, makeup, sound, etc. visual effects and more.

Undoubtedly the work of a film director is extremely important for a film to achieve the expected success. He is the person who is in charge of putting everything in order and making everything fit perfectly during filming.

Some of the most talented film directors

There are many film directors who have been part of the film industry; but some of them have left indelible marks on the audience with their films, therefore, they stand out among the most talented, such as those mentioned below:

  • Alfred Hitchcock: The king of suspense and one of the great directors of the last century, whose original creations are a sample of a perfect combination of elements, with which he developed masterpieces such as Los pájaros or Psicosis, among others.
  • Luis Bunuel: Spanish director who left his mark internationally with films such as El ángel exterminador, Un perro andaluz or Los olvidados.
  • Akira Kurosawa: Who earned the honor of being considered one of the best film directors in history. A descendant of samurai, a Japanese legend, something out of the ordinary in Japanese cinematography, with films like The Seven Samurai, Barbarossa and Throne of Blood, among others.
  • Stanley Kubrick: Famous director who took great care in every detail of his films, from the image, the script or the props. This brought him triumphs with popularly recognized films such as A Clockwork Orange, 2001, A Space Odyssey and The Shining, etc.
  • Francis Ford Coppola: A genius deserving of a prominent place on this list, only with his “The Godfather” trilogy but also with other masterful films such as Dracula or Apocalypse Now.
  • Federico Fellini: Italian director of the film “La Dolce Vita” with which he won worldwide cinematographic recognition, followed by other great productions such as Las noches de Cabiria or La strada. In total he was creditor of an honorable mention and 4 Oscar Awards.
  • Charles Chaplin: A legend within the cinema that was dedicated to any role within the cinematographic field, whether he was a director, composer, actor, musician or producer. However, he successfully directed The Golden Rush, The Great Dictator or The Circus.
  • Martin Scorsese: Director who gives a personal touch to all his films, achieving an extensive filmography throughout his career, among which the films Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Casino or The Wolf of Wall Street stand out.
  • Ingmar Bergman: Recognized as the best European director; within whose productions the use of characters who seek their place in the world stands out; what he demonstrated in films like The Seventh Seal, Fanny and Alexander or Wild Strawberries.
  • David Lynch: Director who gives intensity to his films, within which his outstanding personality stands out; Proof of this is the films The Elephantang Man, Mulholland Drive and the series “Twin Peaks” along with many others.

It is appropriate to indicate that cinema is an art that is interpreted differently by each director; but that in order to reach a prominent position in the world of cinema, it is necessary for him to handle his script masterfully.

What is the job of scriptwriters?

You know what the work of scriptwriters consists of in a film production; find out while reading this article, since it is a job associated with the creation of television and radio programs, comics and more; Do not miss it.

What is a screenwriter?

This is a professional dedicated to writing original scripts or an adaptation of an existing one, as in the case of novels, musicals, biographies and more.

His work is part of the audiovisual industry; being in many cases frequent that he performs work in terms of production, direction or even as the protagonist of his own works.

Some screenwriters write and publish novels, with which they develop an important literary career; being in any case one of the most outstanding characteristics of them; the one who write them following their own style and format, with which they identify themselves within the world.

What is the job of scriptwriters?

The scriptwriters in a few words, are in charge of writing the scripts that give life to plays, novels, movies, television or radio programs.

They can specialize in a particular type of subject such as comedy, drama or fiction; however, their works must be original pieces or be an adaptation made to an existing story.

In a few words, their job is to create the script to which they give their personal touch and whose characteristics depend on the format and medium within which it will be used; Whether it is a movie, television or radio program, among others.

To carry out the professional exercise of the scriptwriting career, you must have impeccable writing and spelling; in addition to possessing certain skills within which creativity stands out.

At the same time, it is part of his work to maintain adequate discipline, complying on time with each of the script deliveries required to continue the production process of the work in which he is working as scheduled.

Within your creations you must be familiar with different genres and have the necessary ability to write them quickly when your chapters must be changed; as in the case of a soap opera in order to adapt them to the needs of the director.

It must be clear that a screenwriter is not only in charge of film scripts, but in turn is the professional who contributes ideas with which the plot of a film, play or television programs and more are brought to life.

On the other hand, scriptwriters are figures that are not always valued, but whose role within the audiovisual media is highly relevant.

Nowadays, creative professionals are needed for this job, which has led many writers of literary works to assume this role.

Although it must be clear that every good scriptwriter must learn to sell their ideas and focus firmly on them and meet delivery dates, so that they reach the public in the allotted time.

The scriptwriter has many sources that serve as a basis for the development of his ideas, whether they are personal experiences, reports, adaptations, dreams, anecdotes and more.

Any element that you appreciate in your environment, a sentimental, work or social relationship; it can be stuff on which to write a script; although of course this must be done masterfully, if you want to capture the interest of the audience.

In other words, the screenwriter is the person who, through what he writes, gives life to a work with enough potential to arouse the interest of the public in a movie, television program, series, and more.

In fact, when it comes to a novel, for example, he writes each chapter in such a way that it hooks his audience; who stay glued to the TV day after day; to know the outcome of the plot and reach its expected end.

Oscar Awards, one of the most anticipated events

Oscar Awards, one of the most anticipated events; with which public recognition is made of the excellence and outstanding social trajectory of many professionals in the film industry; Discover everything you would be interested in knowing about them and more.

What are the Oscars?

It is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award, popularly awarded as an annual prize to all those professionals who have achieved an outstanding role in cinema.

In other words, it is a recognition that all those actors, writers and directors who have developed a high level of excellence and social activism throughout their careers deserve; while on the other hand it is to date considered the highest honor that can be received within the cinema.

Why has it been called an Oscar Award?

Throughout history it has been indicated that perhaps the first person to use the name Oscar to refer to the award was the librarian and later executive director of the Academy, Margaret Herrick.

The reason issued at that time to use it was that he considered that the image of the statuette resembled his uncle Óscar and therefore, when referring to this recognition informally, it was usual to use said denomination.

But already for the year of 1934, he reached greater popularity; moment in which the famous columnist Sidney Skolsky used it, when speaking in his report about this award given as Best Actress to Katherine Hepburn.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences officially recognized the term Oscar Award in 1939.

What is the economic value of an Oscar Award?

Monetarily, the value of an Oscar Award is only one dollar; precisely due to the fact that those who receive it are prohibited from selling this famous award and in case they want to get rid of it, they will have to return it to the Academy, in exchange for said amount of money.

How is this recognition delivered?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards nine different awards, the Oscar being the most prominent of them all.

A formal act is prepared for its delivery that is broadcast live annually to many countries in the world.

With regard to the selection of the candidates for the Oscar Award, since 2004 the nominees between whom the award is disputed have been announced at the end of January, for its different categories.

For example, to choose the Oscar-winning movie; each member of the Academy within a list of 10 nominees, places each of them according to their order of preference on a ballot.

In this case, he assigns the first place to the one he liked the most and the tenth one to the one he considers least important. When a film reaches first place in at least 50% of the ballots, it automatically becomes the winner of the Oscar Award.

Similarly, this award is given to actors, writers and directors; a decision made by the members of AMPAS, thus identified according to its acronym in English and which is located in Los Angeles.

It is worth noting the representatives of the Academy, they are film professionals; who belong to any of the 17 areas of this industry, such as actors, costume designers, stylists, screenwriters, producers, directors, editors and more.

Any prominent film professional can be a candidate to be part of the Academy, as long as it is proposed by two other members or it is a personality nominated for or who has previously won this statuette.

The Oscar Award is an event where countless prominent personalities from the cinematographic field gather and is followed by fans who want their favorite artist to be the winner; something that lives year after year since the first televised transmission of this event, which was in charge of NBC in the year 1953.