Oscar Awards, one of the most anticipated events

Oscar Awards, one of the most anticipated events; with which public recognition is made of the excellence and outstanding social trajectory of many professionals in the film industry; Discover everything you would be interested in knowing about them and more.

What are the Oscars?

It is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award, popularly awarded as an annual prize to all those professionals who have achieved an outstanding role in cinema.

In other words, it is a recognition that all those actors, writers and directors who have developed a high level of excellence and social activism throughout their careers deserve; while on the other hand it is to date considered the highest honor that can be received within the cinema.

Why has it been called an Oscar Award?

Throughout history it has been indicated that perhaps the first person to use the name Oscar to refer to the award was the librarian and later executive director of the Academy, Margaret Herrick.

The reason issued at that time to use it was that he considered that the image of the statuette resembled his uncle Óscar and therefore, when referring to this recognition informally, it was usual to use said denomination.

But already for the year of 1934, he reached greater popularity; moment in which the famous columnist Sidney Skolsky used it, when speaking in his report about this award given as Best Actress to Katherine Hepburn.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences officially recognized the term Oscar Award in 1939.

What is the economic value of an Oscar Award?

Monetarily, the value of an Oscar Award is only one dollar; precisely due to the fact that those who receive it are prohibited from selling this famous award and in case they want to get rid of it, they will have to return it to the Academy, in exchange for said amount of money.

How is this recognition delivered?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards nine different awards, the Oscar being the most prominent of them all.

A formal act is prepared for its delivery that is broadcast live annually to many countries in the world.

With regard to the selection of the candidates for the Oscar Award, since 2004 the nominees between whom the award is disputed have been announced at the end of January, for its different categories.

For example, to choose the Oscar-winning movie; each member of the Academy within a list of 10 nominees, places each of them according to their order of preference on a ballot.

In this case, he assigns the first place to the one he liked the most and the tenth one to the one he considers least important. When a film reaches first place in at least 50% of the ballots, it automatically becomes the winner of the Oscar Award.

Similarly, this award is given to actors, writers and directors; a decision made by the members of AMPAS, thus identified according to its acronym in English and which is located in Los Angeles.

It is worth noting the representatives of the Academy, they are film professionals; who belong to any of the 17 areas of this industry, such as actors, costume designers, stylists, screenwriters, producers, directors, editors and more.

Any prominent film professional can be a candidate to be part of the Academy, as long as it is proposed by two other members or it is a personality nominated for or who has previously won this statuette.

The Oscar Award is an event where countless prominent personalities from the cinematographic field gather and is followed by fans who want their favorite artist to be the winner; something that lives year after year since the first televised transmission of this event, which was in charge of NBC in the year 1953.