Film directors who have stood out for their talent

Get to know some of the best film directors who have stood out for their talent among many others; with film productions that have impacted the public and have managed to leave them with a rewarding feeling that keeps them hooked on all their films.

Importance of a film director

Film directors are professionals in charge of producing a film; who monitors, analyzes and approves the scripts or establishes guidelines for their audiovisual production.

In a few words, he is in charge of making sure that everything goes well and as scheduled during filming, he guides the actors, establishes where the cameras should be placed, the number of scene shots necessary, type of costumes, makeup, sound, etc. visual effects and more.

Undoubtedly the work of a film director is extremely important for a film to achieve the expected success. He is the person who is in charge of putting everything in order and making everything fit perfectly during filming.

Some of the most talented film directors

There are many film directors who have been part of the film industry; but some of them have left indelible marks on the audience with their films, therefore, they stand out among the most talented, such as those mentioned below:

  • Alfred Hitchcock: The king of suspense and one of the great directors of the last century, whose original creations are a sample of a perfect combination of elements, with which he developed masterpieces such as Los pájaros or Psicosis, among others.
  • Luis Bunuel: Spanish director who left his mark internationally with films such as El ángel exterminador, Un perro andaluz or Los olvidados.
  • Akira Kurosawa: Who earned the honor of being considered one of the best film directors in history. A descendant of samurai, a Japanese legend, something out of the ordinary in Japanese cinematography, with films like The Seven Samurai, Barbarossa and Throne of Blood, among others.
  • Stanley Kubrick: Famous director who took great care in every detail of his films, from the image, the script or the props. This brought him triumphs with popularly recognized films such as A Clockwork Orange, 2001, A Space Odyssey and The Shining, etc.
  • Francis Ford Coppola: A genius deserving of a prominent place on this list, only with his “The Godfather” trilogy but also with other masterful films such as Dracula or Apocalypse Now.
  • Federico Fellini: Italian director of the film “La Dolce Vita” with which he won worldwide cinematographic recognition, followed by other great productions such as Las noches de Cabiria or La strada. In total he was creditor of an honorable mention and 4 Oscar Awards.
  • Charles Chaplin: A legend within the cinema that was dedicated to any role within the cinematographic field, whether he was a director, composer, actor, musician or producer. However, he successfully directed The Golden Rush, The Great Dictator or The Circus.
  • Martin Scorsese: Director who gives a personal touch to all his films, achieving an extensive filmography throughout his career, among which the films Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Casino or The Wolf of Wall Street stand out.
  • Ingmar Bergman: Recognized as the best European director; within whose productions the use of characters who seek their place in the world stands out; what he demonstrated in films like The Seventh Seal, Fanny and Alexander or Wild Strawberries.
  • David Lynch: Director who gives intensity to his films, within which his outstanding personality stands out; Proof of this is the films The Elephantang Man, Mulholland Drive and the series “Twin Peaks” along with many others.

It is appropriate to indicate that cinema is an art that is interpreted differently by each director; but that in order to reach a prominent position in the world of cinema, it is necessary for him to handle his script masterfully.

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